Thank you for your interest in the Society of US Army Flight Surgeons!
Per our bylaws (Article III):
Membership in the Society shall be open to all applicants affiliated or interested in the practice of Army Aviation Medicine. Members have the obligation of service to and financial support of the Society.

You can now join the Society online! It's easy and secure:

1 - Simply fill out the online registration form - A Society administrator will review your application and submit it to the Board of Governors for approval.

2 - Once approved, you may log in and access the Dues section of the website to pay dues and complete your application.

3 - As a full member of the Society, you now have access to many resources within the community - Including unrestricted access to our discussion forum!

Dues Information:
Membership dues shall be collected and utilized to conduct the business of the Society. The amounts of these dues may be changed by simple majority vote of the Board of Governors. Membership dues shall be of three levels:

Initial Dues: Those applicants approved for membership shall be assessed a single initial membership Fee of $50.

Annual Dues: Active members shall be assessed an annual membership fee of $25. Upon failure to pay annual dues, Active Members will be returned to “Associate Member” status and may be reinstated provided dues are paid for the current year.

Lifetime Dues: Members shall be eligible for Lifetime Membership after the sum of total membership dues paid to the Society equals or exceeds the Lifetime Dues of $300. Payment may be by single payment of said amount or through any combination of instalments made after initial approval of membership.

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You may also use the paper application - Click here to download the application PDF.

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